Staci Srebro

Meet Staci!

Class of: 2019

Blog Subject: Illustration

Major: Printmaking and Ceramics

I chose Keystone’s art program because I heard good things about Keystone’s program from friends and high school teachers. I like that the class sizes are small, so I can get to know my classmates and professors. We get to talk a lot during critiques and I get plenty of constructive criticism to improve my work.

I make art because it’s a creative outlet for me. Art can be basically anything you want it to be. There’s almost no rules to art so you can experiment with it and push boundaries. I think art should have some personal meaning to you,m even if it’s as simple as, “I’m making art because it’s fun to do.”

My favorite studio at Keystone has been either Printmaking or Ceramics, I can’t just pick one. I like printmaking because screen-printing allows me to take my illustrations from a sketchbook and push them with multiple layers of color, or change the orientation to be more interesting. I also like ceramics because I can feel my way through a project. If something isn’t working, I can physically remove pieces of clay to make it more successful.

In my free time I am usually sketching. I have multiple sketchbooks at home that I’m trying my best to fill. Even if I don’t like a sketch I made, I take it as a learning experience that at least I tried to draw something. and learned what not to do. If I’m not sketching, I’m watching cartoons or playing Pokemon.

In the future I aspire to pursue my dream job of creating stop animation. It would allow me to create my own characters and to use skills in  3D design to make three dimensional characters that come to life. I love creating my own characters, and I hope to keep doing so in the future.