Mixed Media by Jessica Maietta

By: Courtney McCreary Hi everyone! This week I’m featuring a mixed media piece by Jessica Maietta. Jessica is a visual arts major at Keystone College concentrating in drawing and painting. She is currently exhibiting work in her senior show. Although this piece in particular is not included in the exhibition, it gives you a pretty good example of her style and medium. This is Jessica’s … Continue reading Mixed Media by Jessica Maietta

History of Screen Printing

By: Sarah Wiltshire I thought we would start out the semester with a short history of screen printing. Screen Printing, though nothing like what we have today, can be found at the beginning of recorded history. It was first practiced in early China. It was used as a method to transfer designs on to fabric. Modern silk screens, silk stretched over a frame, were introduced … Continue reading History of Screen Printing

Animal Series: Anglerfish

By: Staci Srebro For my next few posts on this blog, I will be posting artwork that pertains to my future art exhibition at Keystone College. I am not a senior yet, but will be starting the fall 2018 semester, so it’ still good to practice my artwork and theme for my future show. At Keystone College, all senior art students work through their senior … Continue reading Animal Series: Anglerfish

Meet Ruth Speer

By: Melanie Rosato Let me introduce you to Ruth Speer, an Oregon painter whose work explores mythically and includes portraiture, botany, and ornate detail. In an interview with Written Citizen, Speer recalls her interest and excitement for art came from watching her mother, a graphic designer, illustrate, and well as children’s books she often read and looked at. Specifically The Twelve Dancing Princesses,¬†illustrated by K.Y. … Continue reading Meet Ruth Speer