Stylized Portraits

By: Staci Srebro For this week’s post, I decided to continue in a similar style as last week’s drawing. I decided to draw Robert Smith because he also has a very iconic and dramatic look. After sketching in pencil, I used Sharpie marker to shade the drawing and used hatch marks to shade certain areas. This technique adds texture and interest to areas that would normally be … Continue reading Stylized Portraits

Vincent Cianni’s Documentary Photography

By: Melanie Rosato Meet Vincent Cianni, a photographer who; for an influential project, focused on skaters in the south side of Brooklyn in the 1990s. With extensive interviewing and interaction with these young skaters, Cianni was able to capture not only their style, environments, and activities, but also their distinctive attitudes. Throughout this project, which spanned over 9 years, Cianni documented the group’s development in … Continue reading Vincent Cianni’s Documentary Photography

Key It Up- Value Keys and Their Impact on Paintings

By: Courtney McCreary Hi Everyone~ One of the most important things to consider when painting is which value key you want to work with in terms of colors and values. Each key universally conveys different moods, which can give the viewer a certain feeling to associate with the painting. This week I’ll briefly describe the three main value keys used in painting and their corresponding … Continue reading Key It Up- Value Keys and Their Impact on Paintings

A Different Kind of Museum

By: Joanna Wallace A few weekends ago, a couple fellow art students and I took a little field trip down to Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, New Jersey. There are sculpture gardens, and then there is Grounds for Sculpture; it is unlike any sculpture garden or museum I have ever been to. It is comprised of forty-two acres of land formerly used as the New … Continue reading A Different Kind of Museum

Performance Art

By: Melanie Rosato When someone says Performace Art, many different things could come to mind. As an extremely open form of art, performance could land anywhere on a wide spectrum of expression. It is generally interdisciplinary; meaning it incorporates multiple concentrations within the arts. These two prominent performance artists do very different things, but also are both labeled as being performance artists. In this post … Continue reading Performance Art

The Hyper-Realism of Lee Price

By: Melanie Rosato Lee Price is from New York and attended Moore College of Art in Philadelphia, Pa to achieve her BFA (basically in the backyard of where I’m writing this post from!). She went on to study at various institutions and with personal mentors. Her large-scale, hyper-realistic oil paintings have strong personal, social, and conceptual meanings. While the subject is almost always the artist … Continue reading The Hyper-Realism of Lee Price

Meet Margaret Brundage

By: Melanie Rosato Margaret Brundage was born with the name Margaret Hedda Johnson in Chicago, in 1900. She progressed artistically and became the youngest student to attend the Art Institute of Chicago, where she studied fashion design. After her education she pursued a freelance career in fashion illustration until she found her place in the pulp art scene in the early 1930s. Brundage is fittingly … Continue reading Meet Margaret Brundage

Contemporary Art Today-Glenn Ligon

By: Melanie Rosato Let me introduce you to Glenn Ligon, a conceptual artist born in 1960. Although, his concepts have an autobiographical quality, he emphasizes that his work is about a collective group. His work examines American ideals through referencing historical sources he acquires. The content of his work confronts slavery, oppressive sexual politics, and the civil rights movement through multi-media pieces. His mediums have … Continue reading Contemporary Art Today-Glenn Ligon