Why Is It Famous? – La Sagrada Família

By: Joanna Wallace Have you ever heard of the church that’s been under construction for over 100 years? I had not in the summer of 2015, but when I saw the Basílica de la Sagrada Família in person, I immediately understood why. When I came to stand in front of the nativity facade of this insane building, I was almost visually overwhelmed. My eyes couldn’t process … Continue reading Why Is It Famous? – La Sagrada Família

Radical Redesign

By Lindsey Lockwood This week I’d like to share an ongoing project that I recently started! If you haven’t heard of Keystone alum and sculpture studio tech Tom Murray’s local band Static in the Attic, you’re missing out! This semester I wanted to design a logo specifically for a band, because I was interested in doing something with a lot of energy and color. A … Continue reading Radical Redesign

Hand-Lettered Menu Design

By Lindsey Lockwood There are so many things that are possible under the realm of graphic design, it’s not always about working on a computer! Hand-lettering is becoming more and more popular online, and things like calligraphy and traditional sign lettering are making a definite comeback. A good designer applies the same aesthetic outlook and design to a digital format as they would a physical … Continue reading Hand-Lettered Menu Design

A Wearable Design

By Lindsey Lockwood Design-oriented tasks involving clothes are some of my favorite projects to do! It is always rewarding to see your work displayed or be put to use. It is extra special when someone enjoys or connects with your design so much that they want to physically wear it. I have been lucky enough to do a couple of shirt designs for different programs … Continue reading A Wearable Design

Animal Series: Praying Mantis

By: Staci Srebro As previously mentioned in last week’s post, I am drawing a series of animals and building up a body of work for my future senior art show. I am trying to draw as many different types of animals as possible: not only mammals, or only cats…even though they are my favorite animals! I drew a Praying Mantis because they are one of … Continue reading Animal Series: Praying Mantis