Edward Hopper

By: Melanie Rosato Edward Hopper, if you are not already familiar with him, was a master realist painter in the early 1900’s. He has a particular focus on architecture, light patterns, and process. His extenisve sketching and planning resulted in paintings that have a spontaneous yet well resolved quality, capturing a single breath or moment in time. His use of light makes the fact that he … Continue reading Edward Hopper

Side Profiles in the Round

By: William Lycholaj For a while last semester I explored the more figurative side of thrown pots, being inspired by some of the ceramic works by Pablo Picasso and the very early works of Peter Voulkos. I played with the idea that the contour of the pot represented a single side profile view of a face or animal therefore turning a 2-D image into a … Continue reading Side Profiles in the Round

Alumni Artist Spotlight- Cree Gregory

By: Melanie Rosato Meet Cree Gregory!   Q: What media do you work with and why? A: Recently I’ve been working primarily with digital media. It’s convenient after working all day at my “regular” job, because I can easily take out my tablet and start drawing or painting without needing to mix colors or get supplies together in the limited time I have. Q: What … Continue reading Alumni Artist Spotlight- Cree Gregory

Meet Margaret Brundage

By: Melanie Rosato Margaret Brundage was born with the name Margaret Hedda Johnson in Chicago, in 1900. She progressed artistically and became the youngest student to attend the Art Institute of Chicago, where she studied fashion design. After her education she pursued a freelance career in fashion illustration until she found her place in the pulp art scene in the early 1930s. Brundage is fittingly … Continue reading Meet Margaret Brundage