What’s So Special about the Louvre?

By: Joanna Wallace I’ll tell you in all honesty something embarrassing (especially as an art major): Until two-ish years ago I didn’t really know what the Louvre is. I know some people would shake their heads in pity, but for those of you that are in the same boat-and maybe still don’t know just what the Louvre is-this article is for you! The Louvre (pronounced … Continue reading What’s So Special about the Louvre?

Precision & Patience

By: Lindsey Lockwood The span of Printmaking covers a number of different techniques, such as screen printing, woodblock carving, copper etching, linoleum carving, and more. Each specific process affords unique capabilities, and anyone interested in print media should explore them all! When it comes to my personal studies, linoleum carving is what I’ve been drawn to the most. I’ve found that it is a great … Continue reading Precision & Patience