By: Jeremy Cannon ~Hello and Good Monday Everyone~ Lately I’ve been noticing very small but beautiful moments in the natural light that cascades into my apartment. The way that natural light seeps into homes is something I love, especially when it creates comfortable and warm feelings within the viewer. I think that these feelings are definitely something that a large amount of people can relate … Continue reading Light

Night-time Photography

By: Jeremy Cannon ~Hello and Good Monday Everyone~ This week I wanted to try working on light, but since I had already made a post earlier on light and shadow I thought instead of day time photography why not attempt night photography. I am always a little apprehensive about taking pictures at night. I can never seem to do it as effectually as I would … Continue reading Night-time Photography

Things that Date a Photo

By: Jeremy Cannon ~Hello and Good Monday Everyone~ Having various props, costuming, and other elements in your work is a source of great excitement and fun for a photographer! There are certain times that we want to have a photo dated by the various elements contained within it, however there are also times when a photo is stronger when it can remain timeless. For the … Continue reading Things that Date a Photo

Man-Made Structures in Nature

By: Jeremy Cannon ~Hello and Good Monday Everyone~ This week I decided to look through a bunch of pictures that I had taken to see what if any repeating themes come up that I wasn’t aware of. I like to think that we unconsciously are drawn back to the same themes. The type of images I think I am drawn to take unconsciously are man-made … Continue reading Man-Made Structures in Nature

Double Exposure on a Polaroid Camera

By: Jeremy Cannon ~ Hello and good Monday everyone!~ ~I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday break, and is settling into the new year well!~ I use double exposed images in my work a lot so it always nice to get a simple sample of what type of image I’m trying for before I take and edit my images. I found out that some instant cameras can … Continue reading Double Exposure on a Polaroid Camera

Non-Organic Subject Matter

By: Jeremy Cannon ~ Hello and good Monday everyone!  I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my content here lately and I realized that my usual post usually have at least one photo being centered around organic material. I try not to get stuck in the same repetitive loop that subject matter can become so this week I challenged myself to find some of my … Continue reading Non-Organic Subject Matter

Vincent Cianni’s Documentary Photography

By: Melanie Rosato Meet Vincent Cianni, a photographer who; for an influential project, focused on skaters in the south side of Brooklyn in the 1990s. With extensive interviewing and interaction with these young skaters, Cianni was able to capture not only their style, environments, and activities, but also their distinctive attitudes. Throughout this project, which spanned over 9 years, Cianni documented the group’s development in … Continue reading Vincent Cianni’s Documentary Photography