Trevor Gregorowicz

Meet Trevor!

Class of: 2019

Blog Subject: Sculpture

Major: Painting and Sculpture

I chose Keystone’s art program because they offer a program with solid fundamental courses. I feel like I’ve learned a lot about various approaches to making art, what different materials can and can’t do, and craftsmanship.

I think the purpose of art is to exist in its own right, take it or leave it. I make art because I can’t imagine not making art! With art I can express visually, things that are difficult to express verbally, and explore things that can’t be explored in any other way.

My favorite studio at Keystone has been Sculpture I. I didn’t realize how much I love working on 3D art until I has my first sculpture class.

In my free time I…what is free time?!

In the future I aspire to move out west, become a cryptid, and create spontaneous, large-scale art.