William Lycholaj

Meet Will!

Class of: 2019

Blog Subject: Ceramics (Fall 2017)

Major: Visual Arts

I chose Keystone’s art program because the faculty of Keystone continually pushes what I think is possible of myself both conceptually and in terms of execution.

I make art because my ability with written language is often too rough to fully express what I know in my mind. Making art, I will develop my personal visual language to a point where I can articulately represent myself.

My favorite studio at Keystone has been undetermined because they all have individual merits and have challenged me in different ways.

In my free time I try to get outside and go rock climbing or trail running. I also read a good bit and am a pretty avid consumer of music.

In the future I aspire to lead a quiet existence supported by my art somewhere near some mountains in a small house of my design. Maybe with a cat, but probably not. In the more near future I aspire to continue traveling around the country and world; climbing rocks, making art, and getting lost in the velvet of life.